Boondocks Miniatures is controlled by Pete and Jen Mcparlin from Netherton, a little town in Northumberland, close to the outskirt in the middle of England and Scotland.

The Snake River Lumber Company

I gained an energy for tight gage demonstrating while constructing my H0n30 Snake River Lumber Company amid the 1980’s and 90’s. The format was displayed at various shows in England before its retirement and deal amid the early 1990’s. While the format utilized a wide mixed bag of business and kitbashed stock, I additionally discovered a requirement for different parts which couldn’t be gotten monetarily. This, together with my expert contribution in visual depiction, headed me into the creation of cast and carved parts for my utilization – and sporadically other H0n30 modelers.

Our First Kits

I in the long run delivered a cast and scratched train unit – a body pack for an Ingersoll-Rand bogie switcher, utilizing the Austrian Lilliput B-B diesel case – which began to offer well. Starting here forward, my displaying got to be optional to the generation of further packs, and Backwoods Miniatures was conceived. Our next pack was a semi-independent railcar for 009 (British 4mm scale on 9mm gage) focused around a case utilized as a part of German Southwest Africa (Namibia). We then expanded out into a scope of Irish 3’0″ gage models in 4mm scale coating huge numbers of the well known trains from these delightful (yet until now seldom displayed) lines.

An Expanding Range

By the mid-1990’s Backwoods had a wide item extend and I had delivered an assortment of train and mentor plans; this provided for us the certainty to move into the 009 business in an enormous manner. I have dependably been fervent about model precision; I wouldn’t fret independent models, yet in the event that somebody lets me know that a model speaks to a specific model, I’d incline toward that it really resembled that model. Numerous 009 units of the period didn’t, and utilized restrictive N gage body with inside casings and wheels of incorrect size, dividing, and so on. I set out to demonstrate that 009 models could be precise, and the result is piece of the go that you see today.

Over The Pond

My enthusiasm toward restricted gage in the USA, and logging specifically, inexorably headed me to deliver units for that market. In the last few years our Porters and Climax have made advances into the American Sn3 business sector and we are currently taking a shot at further advancement for this scale, and also moving into On3. We now have an extent which, including our “back index” of more established items to extraordinary request, now rushes to in excess of 50 units. There are bounty more advancements in the pipeline, so watch this space!