Holey moley suga pop. We put the dink in the ice rinky dinky doodle duck.

The place where art lives out in the back woods.

We bring Back Woods Art to life in the heart of Cardiff, one of the longest standing multi-social urban areas in the UK. Propelled by this thought and my own particular hole year goes in Asia, I needed the outline of popular society and the torn board publications seen in the city of occupied multi-social urban communities over the world.

Our brilliant shades bring out the liveliness of sari silks, flavors, and road life that invigorate your faculties in an occupied market in Nepal, Thailand or Pakistan. The dividers are layered with shreds of symbolism from music, film, game and workmanship – symbols from Bruce Lee to Bollywood.

The collaging procedure expands on prior work I’d made as an understudy at Cardiff School of Art and Design, sticking bulletin adverts to extensive scale canvases and screen printing them.

I have adapted by and by that it is in terrible times we esteem most very the backing and sensitivity of our family & companions. 2012 was a year when life changed out of the blue with the tormenting loss of my excellent mother.

Of every last one of things that are missed, and there are a lot of people, is the nourishment that she cooked.not only for me, the family, however for as numerous individuals of the road that she could reach. Katiwok is Street Food.

Back Woods Art are the fundamental heroes. Formulas from all over Cardiff are consolidated into the dishes with Nepalese flavors taking all important focal point. Back Woods Art recovers. It’s new. It’s cooked. It takes longer than 60 seconds for genuine sustenance.