Welcome to Back Woods Art – Where Art Meets the Woods.

The place where art lives out in the back woods.

We bring Back Woods Art to life in the heart of Cardiff, one of the longest standing multi-social urban areas in the UK. Propelled by this thought and my own particular hole year goes in Asia, I needed the outline of popular society and the torn board publications seen in the city of occupied multi-social urban communities over the world.

One thing about art is it’s popular form is always not worth looking at, however that’s not to say the working man doesn’t have anything to say about art.

Art not just in the back woods

The thing with art and design is it’s just such a subjective  – well…subject. I see one thing you see another..tomato / tomato whatever. No-one bloody agrees with anything.

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Our brilliant shades bring out the liveliness of sari silks, flavors, and road life that invigorate your faculties in an occupied market in Nepal, Thailand or Pakistan. The dividers are layered with shreds of symbolism from music, film, game and workmanship – symbols from Bruce Lee to Bollywood.

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The collaging procedure expands on prior work I’d made as an understudy at Netrix & Cardiff School of Art and Design, sticking bulletin adverts to extensive scale canvases and screen printing them.

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